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Hael Saed Group does its best to create a healthy environment. As a company of Hael Saed group, we care to protect the environment, and to ensure the laborers' health, and the cleanness of work places. We also try to improve and develop the suitable environmental circumstances for life. For this, the company has done great efforts to save the environment in general and in the manufacturing procedures in particular. The company has limited the use of raw materials which include polluting remainders in the environment; instead it uses materials which have no negative environmental remainders. It also decreases the consumption of power. The company has contracted with a specialized company in the environment management systems, and applied the environment management system 14001 in which the company has got the Certification of Environment.

The company has also done a number of initiatives like:

  1. Recycling the manufacturing scraps to remanufacture them again in order to avoid their negative effects on the environment.
  2. Processing the hard scraps through burning with ovens specialized for this purpose.
  3.  Adding a filterizing unite to change the black smoke to white to be harmless for the environment.
  4. Using the fork lifter working with gas diesel to get rid of the waste gases which are negatively harming the environment.
  5. Contributing to save the Ozone layer and decreasing the air pollution with global warming gazes through making instruction of how to use the environmental resources (water and electricity).
  6. Planting more than 400 trees during 2007 – 2009.
The company is also careful to develop the environment management systems and improving the surrounding environment circumstances through the continual enlightenment of the staff in the company.
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